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Hi, Welcome to PodShare
Where you share everything – except your pod.

Welcome to the future of housing. Become a member of a housing society across the world, where you transfer your stay and not double pay for a home and hotel. We believe that housing is anywhere you lay your head. That doesn’t have to be a room, and it doesn’t have to be for a month. If you are sleeping somewhere for one night, that is your housing. The economic problem is having to pay for housing twice – for your long term lease and your hotel when you want or need to travel.


We believe that travel is important for your mental health and for the local economy. If more people could travel they would, but there are cost prohibiters.


PodShare’s housing model solves that: live and work anywhere across the world by transferring your pod. Don’t commit to a lease, so if you are sleeping out then you don’t pay for that night. You save more of your money to spend on experiences, a future family, or invest in yourself to create more good in the world.


PodShare’s mission is afford everyone to live and travel as a global citizen.


The core of our model is the open shared floor plan:

  1. there is security in transparency and in large numbers
  2. cost brings you here, but the community is what keeps you


The basis of our model is that basic needs are met: we stock the toiletries in the bathrooms, and some food in the kitchens. We clean, fix/maintain, fully furnish, provide the roommates and security.


The heart of our model is to provide support as bridge housing and affordable travel which means

  1. we don’t make you sign a long term lease or have minimum or maximum stays
    • unless a particular location’s zoning requires it
  2. no money down except for the cost of your pod,
    • we ask for a CC on file for incidentals
  3. we offer unlimited transfers to stay across our locations
    • based on availability, transfer as soon as pod opens up

Book for a day, a week, or a month. 


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