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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A pod is a hand built, high end bunk bed complete with your own flat screen tv, personal outlets and night light. Our wooden structures have staircases which allow easy access to the top pods and provide stability that metal bunk beds don’t offer.

Co-living is easy and fun, in fact this concept is neither new nor unusual. You more than likely co-lived with your family when you were young and your dorm mates in college.

We believe that you only really need a small space to yourself to sleep, relax and store your belongings. The rest of our time should be spent on shared experiences.

Sharing common areas allows you to bump into new friends, potential future roommates, or even strike up a conversation with someone you never thought you’d talk to. We call these moments Collisions.

Call or text us 24hours a day at 213-973-7741 or visit our Westwood location. Venice is open 7am to 2am,  and all of the other locations are open 10 am – 11 pm. If you are arriving after these hours, please email us to arrange self checkin instructions.

There is security in large numbers and open floor plans, despite what some believe. The lack of privacy is a deterrent for thieves, predators and criminals because there are eye-witnesses, cameras in the common areas, and 24hr staff on site. In reality, a room is more dangerous as a villain can close the door behind them and rummage through bags or block the exit.

Podshare has 2 points of exit, lockers, and someone within ear’s reach at all times.

Learn more about our safety here

  • No tenting or covering the front of your pod. This is a transparent community.
  • Quiet hours as of 10pm, until 10am means turn your phone to vibrate and whisper
  • No visitors allowed. Everyone must be registered at the desk
  • No drugs, excessive inebriation, or public nudity.

Each podshare has a locker big enough to store your valuables (not your bag) in the lobby. Westwood has larger lockers at the foot of the pod that can fit a carry-on size suitcase.

As long as you are out of your pod by 11am, store your belongings under that pod and in a locker until 10pm. You’re welcome to use all of the shared amenities at that PodShare, and day transfer to any other PodShare until 10pm. This allows us to re-make the pod, and offers you a stress free option to store your luggage, see another part of town, hold your suitcase closer to a bus, train or airport.

We offer unlimited transfers across our network – so if you wish to stay in another part of town, just ask your front desk RA about availability, remove your belongings from the pod (you are welcome to our storage and lockers at any PodShare during your membership) and transfer to the new location. We just ask that you don’t occupy 2 pods at the same time, but if there is an opening you can transfer your reservation same day. Please note that occasionally a location may have a $10 uncharge, inquire at the desk.

After check-in you will receive a tour of the shared amenities, house rules and select your pod by writing your name on it with a piece of chalk.

Linens, towel, toiletries, WIFI, food in the fridge, bicycles, computer access, laundry for $5/load, housekeeping, maintenance, a network of access hubs to lounge or stay across.

LA is a big place. Let’s say you are staying East side but visiting Venice for the day, use us as your lounge, kitchen, outlets and bathrooms so you don’t have to go to a coffee shop.

Examples: if your jacket is too bulky, put it in the locker. If your phone dies, use our charger or ask us to call you a taxi. If you need to get out of the heat, come in to cool off. If you want to go hiking, use our showers to freshen up. If you need coffee, make some in the kitchen.

We’re working on a PupShare concept, but at this time all PodShare locations can only accommodate service animals.

The twin pod sleeps 1 and the queen pod sleeps 2

For the security of our members, tours are not permitted except in the Westwood location for stays of 30 days or longer. We offer flexible bookings options so you can spend one night, and extend if you like it!

Government issued ID + signature on our terms of use + credit or debit card on file for incidentals

Great! Extend from the comfort of your pod @ or go to the front desk to pay in person. If there is no space, choose another PodShare (you are welcome to leave your belongings there and check back in when it’s available again)

Stay for as littler or as long as you wish at the Los Angeles PodShare locations! San Francisco podshare has a 30 day minimum to co-live 🙂 There is never a maximum and we hope you stay awhile

We are minimalist but don’t worry about the extra stuff, there is ample storage underneath pods. If you have a car, then we recommend staying at our Westwood or Venice location with parking lots. Less than 10% of members have a car, and use public transportation or ride sharing.