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Los Feliz Hot Spots

Los feliz is right next to Silverlake, just south of the Hollywood Hills. Try out the local hot spots, hike up to Griffith Park, see a show at the Hollywood Bowl, visit Barnsdall Park, see a show at the Rockwell Theater where your favorite stories are turned into musicals that you enjoy over dinner and drinks.

Walk through Silverlake junction for some great local shops and don’t forget to try a cup of coffee at our local favorite Dinosaur Coffee.

Looking to go out on the town? There is an LGBTQ friendly bar called Akbar just a few blocks away.

Travel far
and travel often.

Depending when you visit, there are plenty of events in the area for everyone. Whether you are way into Shakespeare or just into picnics in the park, every summer there is a free live play put on in Griffith Park near the old LA zoo.

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If you still have questions if Los Feliz is right for you, call or text us and we will give you some insight on the neighborhood.