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We made a shoe. Some will wear it to run, hike, lounge, dress up, swim or dance in. Live at PodShare, and see where you belong .

Venice beach, Westwood village, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Downtown Los Angeles or San Francisco?

No need to choose. Book a day, week or a month and jump around to all of our locations by day or night, on the whim or in advance (based on availability).

The future is access, not ownership.

Staying downtown for work but want to hit the beach on the weekends? Store your stuff downtown, and bring an overnight bag to PodShare Venice.

Your phone died and you need a charger or to get an Uber? You can get help back to your PodShare or just crash at your nearest one. Really need to use the restroom or a shower? Have a bulky jacket or shopping bags you just want to throw in a locker and keep going?

There are SO many reasons to have access hubs across a vast city like Los Angeles.

90% of Podestrians don’t have a car, so you can rely on our locations 3-8 miles apart.

With our access hubs across Los Angeles, you’ll never feel stuck.


We have just descended into Northern California, and will be working with the city, neighbors and the community at large to build across this amazing, diverse, opportunity-driven, dense but expensive city. Wish us luck and support!